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Available  November 2024

Extrait De Parfum 

 Bergamot (Blended for the house of ATH)

Plum, Raspberry, Date, Saffron, Vanilla, Tonka, Incense and Amber 

8% Thai Oud and Patchouli (C02 extract), Cedarwood, Cinnamon bark (CO2 Fraction), Clove (CO2  Fraction), Frankincense (CO2. Fraction), Emeli Resin, Nutmeg (CO2. Fraction) and Myrrh 
Please note that Unicorn Oud is very different to the Thai Oud Aaron normally uses. Unicorn Oud gives Initial notes of Hay, farm, leather and animalistic undertones before  finally settling into leather, oak, teak and bark with a slight floral. Please note Unicorn Oud is never facial. When combined with the other beautiful raw materials makes it a magical and luxurious experience. Perfect for the oud connoisseur

Unicorn Oud was created for the house of ATH. Unicorn Oud took 5 years to create due to Aaron's exacting specifications. 

'Unicorn' is great for special occasions and creates a distinguished and luxurious feeling. The longevity and projection is immense. 

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