Aaron Terence Hughes

Aaron Terence Hughes is a British Independent Perfume House. Utilising the finest floral absolutes, exotic woods and exciting fragrance notes. All Aaron Terence Hughes Perfumes are 30%  and 40% concentration

Aaron does use ethical ambergris in some of his fragrance. But does not use any other animal biproducts. 

​​​​​​​Aaron Terence Hughes is passionate about ethics and deeply cares about the world he lives in. His perfumes will never be sold in countries that demand animal testing. He will never use a secondary company to test his products on animals on his behalf.

Aaron has always loved perfumery and his earliest pocket money was spend on essential oils. Growing up on a flower farm in Cornwall had a beautiful effect on his odour memory. Aaron used to crush flowers directly onto his arm and was fascinated by the separation of floral compounds as his skin heated up.

I create perfume to suit my mood. All my perfumes have been created from direct experience. I am never directed by anyone other then my intuition and love for creating beauty.​​​​​​​

‘I feel that perfumery sits beautifully on the edge of art, chemistry and maths. It utilises all my abilities and constantly ignites my creativity and passion’.

Aaron Terence Hughes
Aaron Terence Hughes is proud to support Soi Dog Foundation. We will be making monthly donations to the charity. https://www.soidog.org/
Soi Dog Foundation - www.soidog.org