Unicorn Elixir

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Unicorn Elixir
Released 12th October 2024 at the Unicorn event held in the factory. 
Formally released 2025 to the general public

Utilising Unicorn Oud in a new attar.
Top: Black Pepper and Bergamot (Exclusive to the house of ATH)
Mid: Orange Blossom, Amber, Saffron
Base: 10% Unicorn Oud, Patchouli (C02 extract), Cinnamon bark (CO2 Fraction), Clove (CO2  Fraction), Frankincense (CO2. Fraction), Emeli Resin, Nutmeg (CO2. Fraction) 

Please note that Unicorn Oud is very different to the Thai Oud Aaron normally uses. Unicorn Oud gives Initial notes of Hay, farm, leather and animalistic undertones before  finally settling into leather, oak, teak and bark with a slight floral. Please note Unicorn Oud is never facial. When combined with the other beautiful raw materials makes it a magical and luxurious experience. Perfect for the oud connoisseur

Directions for use:

1: Open container by unscrewing the cap, Apply the amount of the Elixir to the wrists, back of ears, Neck and anywhere else you want to feel the effects of the Unicorn Elixir. 

2: Wipe any Unicorn Elixir residue that has pooled on the top of the elixir bottle on the skin. Or wipe in a tissue ( I do not recommend this as its unnecessary waste.)

3: When the glass rod and top of the elixir bottle are free from the Unicorn Elixir put the rod back in to the bottle SLOWLY!. This will stop any unicorn elixir from staying on the outer paint. 

Please note that due to the high levels of Oud, absolute continued contact with the outer paint on the elixir bottle this will cause the paint to soften the paint and will dislodge the paint. It is the nature of the paint. 

Looking after your elixir bottle and being carful with how you take out the glass rod will mean a perfect condition of the bottle. Being clumsy or heavy handed with the Unicorn elixir will mean the paint will dislodge and slough off. 

Please Note the Unicorn Elixir is perfectly safe for use on human skin. 

Unicorn Elixir can be worn on its own or applied below any Rose & Oud fragrance to increase depth and sensuality.

Unicorn Oud was created for the house of ATH. Unicorn Oud took 5 years to create due to Aaron exacting specifications. 

Application: Lift the glass rod out of the bottle and apply to 2 dots to pulse points. (Wrists, Neck & Behind Ears). Due to the high amount of absolutes please do not rub vigourously. A light and gentle sweeping movement with the index finger to ensure saturation on the skin is all that's required to appreciate the beauty of Unicorn Elixir.
Apply Unicorn concentrate over the top

Due to the nature of Unicorn Elixir if the packaging is opened we will not accept

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