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25% Concentration 

Dark / Brooding / Sexy / Rich / Complex
When I created Onyx I wanted it to do three things; Project, imprint and last.
Onyx contains imprinting technology making it a perfect date or sex fragrance.

You will get noticed wearing Onyx!

Onyx manages to bring together the dark brooding earthy nature of Thai Oud, Musk and Patchouli softened with Plum, Vanilla Bean Tincture, Ethical Ambergris and Rose Absolute.
Rose Absolute
Vanilla Absolute / Plum / Chocolate 
Patchouli / Thai Oud / Ethical Ambergris / Sandalwood / Musk   


Onyx contains ethical ambergris and is not suitable for Vegans 

Suitable for all skin types but amazing on dark skin 

​​​​​​​Suitable for a Date or Fucking fragrance 
Onyx lasts between 8 - 12 hours depending on your skin type and using the recommended amount of 8-12 sprays
4 sprays on damp skin  and 4 sprays on dry skin and clothes

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