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Extract De Parfum
Bergamot (Exclusive to the house of Aaron Terence Hughes)

Indian Tuberose Absolute / Egyptian Rose Absolute / Jasmine Accord 

Madagascar Vanilla / Heliotropin / Amber / Tonka / Honey / Sandalwood / White Musk 

For Tuberose, the bulb needs a permeable and perfectly irrigated clay soil. A lot of care is needed such as ploughing, weeding and careful watering. There are 20 flowers per stalk, their emergence and maturity being staggered, it is necessary to return practically 20 days in a row on the same stalk. The pickers choose only the open corollas, leaving the buds carefully in place for the following days. They can come back a week later. It is at this flickering moment between the last hours of the night and the first light of the sun that the fragrance is at its peak.

It is a night blooming plant and tends to bloom in mid-summer.


The tuberose flowers are purchased by Jasmine Concrete EPL from the flower markets in Madurai Tamil Nadu State, South of India. Their strategy is integrated into local traditions: they purchase flowers buds remaining after the morning trade for garland flowers, which allows for flowers not to be wasted and kept at a reasonable price level. While the garlands are made with closed buds, Jasmine Concrete EPL prefers to extract the bloomed buds to obtain the best olfactive quality for concrete. Buds are brought to the factories and scattered on the floor until they bloom. This approach allows for the best extracts and minimizes waste from the markets.


In India 95% of the flowers are used for ornamental or religious ceremonies, so, at the end of the day, when sacred flowers remain unsold at the flowers markets, and are due to be thrown away, Jasmine Concrete EPL purchases them.

This strategy is perfectly integrated into local traditions: Jasmine Concrete’s sourcing strategy helps to ensure flowers do not go to waste, growers still receive a return on what they have sourced, and flowers are not thrown away.


Tuberose is a perennial plant related to Agave, native to Mexico, and has been distilled for perfumery since the 17th century, when the flower was first transported to Europe. In India and Bangladesh they are widely used to make flower garlands, used in religious ceremonies or as wedding ornaments.


Extracted part: flowers.
1 kg of absolute = 5 kg of concrete = 5000 kg of flowers.

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