Hard Candy
Hard Candy
Hard Candy

Hard Candy

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Hard Candy 

Extract de Parfum

HARD CANDY is a sugary sweet Naughty fragrance for boys and girls who have overindulged and need to go and sit in the corner and think about what they have done!
Overindulge your sweet tooth with a simply scrumptious combination of Lemon, Sweet Orange and Mandarin hard boiled sweets, Vanilla Pineapple cake and Strawberry candy strings, combined with nutmeg and mint finished off with lashings of Vanilla cream and MDMA sprinkles.

Lemon / Mandarin / Sweet Orange / Lavender / Mint
Vanilla / Tonka / Nutmeg / Strawberry / Honey
Sandalwood / Patchouli / MDMA / 5% Thai Oud

Please note: Hard Candy does not contain any narcotics

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