Violet Delirium

Violet Delirium

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Violet Delirium 

​​​​​​​25% Concentration

 Violet Delirium is Sweet and Dirty, Projecting and Long Lasting. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Violet Delirium is one of the most sexual, dark and brooding fragrance I make. The Chocolate accord combined with Oud and animal notes makes Violet Delirium addictive. Wear this when you want to Impress.

Violet Delirium drifts as you heat up.

Violet Delirium has my imprinting technology incorporated into the core. This means as you heat up the fragrance transfers onto your partner or partners and leaves an impression long after you have left.





Saffron Accord


Jasmine Sambac Absolute / Rose Absolute / Chocolate Accord


Thai Oud / Burmese Oud / Musk / Ethical Ambergris / Animal Notes / Filth




Violet Delirium is suitable for Fucking or when you want to feel sensual 

Violet Delirium is Not suitable for Vegans Due to the use of Ethical Ambergris

Violet Delirium is suitable for all skin types.

​​​​​​​Note From Aaron: I wear Violet Delirium layered over Oud. It helps to soften the latex notes and makes the combination a beast