Thai Oud (Authentic)
Thai Oud (Authentic)
Thai Oud (Authentic)
Thai Oud (Authentic)

Thai Oud (Authentic)

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1ml Authentic Oud
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The Agarwood tree that produces my most favourite Oud is infected and then grown for 15 years. The tree is then harvested and the Oud is hydro-distilled for 180 hours.


The Oud is left to mature anaerobically for 180 hours in a copper container. The anaerobic conditions mean that no Hydrogen Sulphate is produced due to the absence of micro-organisms.

This Oud is smooth, Sweet, with honey and incense nuances. Due to it being the first pressing it is very potent.

Please note the photos attached to the listing showing independent analytical proof that this is genuine Oud.


My Oud is supplied from farmed trees and never from wild trees, I believe the wild trees should be left for generations of people to enjoy.
1ml sample of my Oud collection (Oud, Onyx, Oxytocin, Tabac, Violet delirium) is included

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