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Boss Bitch
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Boss Bitch

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Boss Bitch 

With Every 50ml Boss Bitch we include 3 x 10ml Ouds of your choice. Please include which 10ml Ouds you would like in your notes. 

10% Authentic Oud 
25% Concentration
My most favourite fragrance I produce formally released. Boss Bitch contains the highest Authentic Oud concentration of all my creations. A combination of two Ouds at a combined 10% inclusion. (Proven by an independent Laboratory) Awaiting analysis before formal release.  

Dragon Oud 

The most expensive, pure Oud available  

20 Years to grow the tree, and 168 hours to create the Oud. 

400 degree celcius rods are incorporated into the tree. The Oud is extracted with super critical CO2  

Top note Oud with a Sweet, Woody, smokey texture.  

Super Critical Carbon Dioxide allows for higher amounts of precious Oleoresin content.  

Thai Oud

Grown for 15 years. 168 hours to distill, 168 hours to cure and 336 hours to mature.  

The Oud in all my work is smooth, rich, balsamic, rich, opulent with an incense quality.

    Vanilla Absolute

Balsamic, rich, sweet with a slight burnt sugar quality.  Vanilla Absolute brings a slight 'Boozy' note. 

Rose Absolute

Sweet and floral with an aphrodisiac quality. Deeply sensual the power of Rose absolute throbs through the whole formulation. 240 roses are required for the amount of absolute contained in Boss Bitch.

Jasmine Absolute

The naughtiest of all floral absolutes. Included in Boss Bitch to give a narcotic quality.  

Neroli Absolute

Sweet, Floral and slightly Citrus.  

 Working through the middle and top notes to increase the ethereal quality of Boss Bitch 


Rich, woody, sweet and creamy. 


A sensual amber, animalistic note with a slight sea note in the dry down. 


Neroil absolute / Coconut / Peach / Dragon Oud  



Cherry / Chocolate / Rose Absolute / Jasmine Sambac 



Sandalwood / Patchouli / Vanilla Absolute / Ambergris / Thai Oud / Musk  

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